Strengthen Your Ability to Reach International Targets

International Development

We work with law firms to help them put in place international development strategies, particularly with regard to their relationships with firms and clients abroad. Our work includes identifying foreign firms and organizations that share our client’s values and general approach, ensuring the likelihood of stronger relationships in the long term. Our work includes:


  • Identifying compatible firms abroad and facilitating good friend/best friend relationships
  • Providing advice and support with regard to recruiting lawyers with significant international experience
  • Researching foreign professional organizations and speaking/networking opportunities (conferences, scientific committees, etc.)
  • Leading international client satisfaction surveys


International RFPs and Panels

We also have extensive experience acting in the international RFP process, and have written numerous written proposals on behalf of our clients. We work with firms to produce strong written proposals and help them be best possibly prepared for international RFPs. We also have experience coordinating complex proposals for panels.